4 ° Euphonia Headphones

Music is a universal language, a sound of life, an experience of empathy and emotion that tells stories and connects people. A sign of solidarity and cultural solidarity.

What if we could translate any organic object, fluid or artifact into music on the basis of a DNA structure? Everywhere, portable.

Euphonia makes it possible to experience the beauty of life and nature with the help of music. It is a headphone that creates soundscapes from information contained in DNA. The headphones have two closable cavities, one on each ear. Inserted, they begin to translate the DNA information into music. Optionally, several materials or liquids can be inserted left and right. The software then mixes the various music codes into an audible mix. The music starts by touching the auricle. From a single drop of blood, the unique story of a life form that has gone through a million-year-old evolutionary process is made audible. Imagine the mix of a leaf in the forest, a precious organic material or a piece of stone, any material. DNA is the blueprint of life. It contains the instructions that an organism needs to develop, live and reproduce. The information in the DNA is called the code which consists of de3n four chemical bases: Adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C) and thymine (T)g are stored compound.

All life forms and organic materials are based on these four fundamentals, and it is the individual composition that creates the great diversity of living species.

The assignment of A, G, C, T to the four necessary parameters of music makes it possible to translate a DNA sequence into a soundscape. Euphonia combines life and organic materialist on the basis of music by combining adenine (A) with timbre, guanine (G) with duration, cytosine (C) with pitch and thymine (T) with volume and sound.

The Euphonia Headphones make it possible to hear the many life forms and natural elements on earth and increase awareness and relationship to solidarity with nature, life on our precious planet earth.

September 2019
Marc Engenhart & Benedikt Wöppel

3 ° Ectosymbios Lighting

Light is the basis of our visual sensory perception. It illuminates the space, the surface, the events and thus enables the legibility of the represented information, orientation, reference and time context, our daily interaction with the world. In addition to functional room translation, we love lighting moods. They have an emphatic effect, enchant and delight us. Since light has no organic material or a viable body with which we could surround ourselves, Ectosymios Lighting adds these characteristics to a usable system.

What if we could enter into a symbiotic relationship with light, if we move in space, and light as a partner understands our living space, interacts with it and helps to shape it: In places where we need this intelligent light and would like to have it around us.

The Ectosymbios Lighting uses a specially bred marine protozoan, a mutation of the Noctiluca scintillans. The new single-cell genome focuses on the bioluminescence capabilities and has been mutated with several flagella that allow controlled locomotion.

As a whole culture, this microorganism is located in a closed form system of tubular flexible tubes. The micro-movement of the culture expands the positions of the forming system and thus expands the current collection position. The form system modulates through activity.

The habitat (form system) of the culture of microorganisms is formed within designed architectures and applied within the spaces. It exists, for example, as a coherent structure within a residential building.

At points in the room where the human being has or develops a need for light, a portion of food for the microorganisms, controlled according to parameters, can be distributed by touching the translucent tubes. The microorganisms condense when the food is dispensed and give off their luminescence and glow when the food is ingested. Particularly bright light can be achieved by adding indicators within the food composition. This so-called "high-light effect" can also be switched on via the interface on the touch-sensitive surface of the mould system.

Further controlling parameters are the temperature and viscosity of the ambient liquid within the moulding system. Both influence the reaction activity of the culture. Higher temperature means faster light reaction, lower temperature the opposite.

The entire system can be basically set up via an interface, as well as providing so-called intelligent touchpoints for feeding the microorganism at any point in the room.

The cultivation of the living culture is carried out by a two-circular form system. A circuit serves the interior of the architecture for active light. A second circuit lies outside the architecture in a resting area for regeneration and cleaning. After a given period of indoor activity, the culture exchanges itself independently. It gives 2/3 to the resting system and absorbs 2/3 of the active system. 1/3 remains in the current system.

The entire form system learns by the activity of the users and offers light to recurring activities related to the time of day and action carried out in principle.

The diameter of the form system at particularly active positions in the room expands through the micromotion of high accumulations of microorganisms themselves.

A culture of Ectosymbios Lighting is genetically individualized per user. For the personalization to the owner a genetic system reference of food specification and culture specification is created. 

A culture can therefore only exist in a form system of the owner with the explicitly produced food.

The Ectosymbiosis Lighting is therefore not limited to the individual room but can also be used with mobile modules with form system, which are food personalized.

August 2019

2 ° Exos Ring

Our biological evolution develops our body. New elements emerge and can be adorned with clothing and accessories. Evolution mutates into a natural improvement of our physical and mental qualities. Such developments enable the prerequisites for status and performance symbols of our culture in a social environment.

Specially developed and distinctive agility such as adaptability and endurance to the artificial, digital environment is an advantage of evolution. Attractive features for the digital development towards a singularity become normality.

The Exos Ring displays the body feature on the occipital bone of the human skull, the "Shahar-Sayers-Bone". In the inclined skull position, for the operation of surfaces and touch-sensitive displays, the ring module lies directly on the skulls skin and thus encloses the individual shape visible to every human being at the back of the head in a protective manner.

Over the lifetime of an individual, the ring independently records the added value created for the development and expansion into a free, rich, peaceful, fulfilling and social shaping of world society at technical, private and social levels. For this awards points are recorded in an internal rating system integrated in the ring. This evaluation is anonymous and is communicated in an assigned colour by means of an illuminated dot integrated at the lower end of the ring based on the points achieved.

Optionally, the system calculates the possible added values for the habitat in a simulation from the collective social exos. It links/connects statically promising and suitable activities between individuals through a personal invitation as a direct message.

The Exos Ring is available as a unisex object and has no gender-specific effect, so it can be worn by man, women, diverse and humanoids.

August 2019

1 ° The Eavesdrop-Modules

How would it be if living spaces were enlivened with individual language interaction in which no fluctuating social communication and interaction can take place from given social or technical framework conditions? In space; countryside; at home and alone. In a vehicle on a long journey at night.

A generated conversation between two different people that you can listen to. Through two modules, in two positions in the room.

The Eavesdrop-Modules serve to vitalize living spaces. Especially in rooms where only one person lives. They function as intelligent Conversational-Bots, which can exchange themselves if separated from each other in an audible conversation. This conversation is actively or passively influenced by the user. It always develops itself anew and generates an individual conversation interaction.

Learning, the modules expand their spoken language, imagination and conversation through the available voices/protagonists and through the context of the conversations made in the past. Voices/protagonists or topics can meet again later and talk about other conversations.

In the design of the interaction, the user administers the conversation in a matrix of parameters via the touch-sensitive surface of the module either himself: the content, its emphatic effect, the intensity potential of the conversation, the digressive dimension, the sensory feedback to the current events of the place where they are set up, and the time window of the conversation. The space for conversation develops out of this and is created live. 

Alternatively, an unpredictable conversation can be released. Adapted to the current environmental conditions on site: Activating or relaxing, interesting, irritating, unbelievable or related conversations are created.

The Eavesdrop-Modules do not serve for conversation with the user, but as independent chatbots, which can exchange themselves and be heard in different conversations.

29th July 2019

THE UNTHINKABLE HUB – speculatives for tomorrow

The unthinkable hub is an inspiration hub for designers who develop our future affairs and daily ideas for tomorrow. Every week we present a design abstract with an alternative function to translate situations into objects that could be useful or usable for a future living environment. It is about extending the boundaries of creativity in the design process and creating products or shapes from them. They pose questions in order to find answers for future needs. 

The unthinkable hub is a platform that discovers new methods through speculative ideas. To inspire to action and transform our environment, digital and socio-cultural identity. #unthinkablehub

Visit the whole projects with additional material and animation on https://www.instagram.com/theunthinkablehub/